AVUHSD Google Apps

Welcome to Google Apps, a service provided for free by Google to AVUHSD for educational use.

If you are an employee of the AVUHSD and would like a Google Apps account, please contact your local Network Technician.

For students, please use the username and default password provided by your teacher.

Google Apps for Teachers:

Google Calendar

Google Drive (formerly Google Docs)

Google Sites

Google Apps for Students:

Google Calendar

Google Docs

Google Email

Google Sites

Important Note for Graduating Seniors:  AVUHSD will keep your Google Apps accounts active until October of the year your graduate.  It is important that you download any files or emails that you need before that time.  Also, please make sure to send a new email address to anyone who has your AVUHSD address.

Google has a tool called Takeout, that makes it easier to download all your Google Apps content.  Click here to use Google Takeout to download your files and email to your home computer.